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We provide life tools to a meaningful, fulfilled, and long-lasting sober lifestyle.

There Is A Solution Inc. was founded to create a home-like environment for men and women 18 and older who have completed 30 days of continuous sobriety. These individuals must have a sincere desire to complete all steps within a 12-step recovery program, while remaining in a supportive recovery community as they practice and develop their sober life style.

At There Is A solution Inc.

Our philosophy is to provide not just a living environment free from drugs and alcohol but to set the guest on the path to lifelong meaningful recovery, through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the best known, most consistent and effective model for treating any substance use disorder.

Helping guests to grow far beyond a safe haven free from drugs and alcohol by successfully guiding addicts and alcoholics from varying stages of abstinence to a healthy and stable place in recovery.

In the midst of an endless opioid epidemic, there has never been more of a dire need to spread the seeds of spirituality into the infertile ground of our people, in the hopes of our clients finding a power greater than themselves to be able to cultivate a spiritual awakening inside of them sufficient enough for a psychic change and permanent recovery from the cycle of addiction.

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AA and NA meetings

In addition to Step Work, our curriculum includes
a variety of house meetings, along with
mandatory attendance at AA and NA meetings.

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