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Find Peace, Strength and Confidence.

We provide life tools to a meaningful, fulfilled, and long-lasting sober lifestyle.

There is a solution Inc.

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There is a solution Inc. was founded to create a home-like environment for men and women 18 and older who have completed 30 days of continuous sobriety. These individuals must have a sincere desire to complete all steps within a 12-step recovery program while remaining in a supportive recovery community as they practice and develop their sober lifestyle.

What to Bring

  • Toiletries
  • Shower Caddie
  • Linen for twin bed
  • Pillow
  • Food
  • Cell Phone (smartphone technology required for house app)
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Laundry basket/hamper
  • Recovery literature
  • An open mind and willingness to grow

What not to Bring

  • Weegee board
  • Tarot Cards
  • Pornography
  • Gambling paraphernalia
  • Weapons of any kind (knives, guns, etc.)
  • CBD oils that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Edible Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Sober Housing 101

If you or someone you love is currently battling addiction, sober living may be an option for you. Our sober home communities provide a safe environment for those willing to recover from their addiction.

Sober homes are different from treatment centers such as halfway houses, rehab programs or detoxes. These programs generally are locked facilities that have a hyper focus on acute substance use disorders. Sober homes focus on structure that guides each client down the path of recovery of their choosing.

The common thread that must remain is the dedication to and adherence to their recovery program. Sober housing is for individuals who have already resided in a treatment facility or halfway house and is considered the final step before transitioning to independent living.

Point Based Rewards System

There Is A Solution Inc. has created a point system that focuses on rewarding positive actions that demonstrate healthy living, recovery, and financial conduct. While guests are adhering to the standards
of the home, they are also accumulating points that can be redeemed through our virtual store. The more effort you put in the more points you accumulate.

Our state-of-the-art system has shown vast
improvement in our guests’ productivity, motivation, creativity, engagement, and communication.

Community App

As a guest at one of our homes, you’ll immediately be connected to the entire TIAS community through The Solution Community application. Our app is a community space for guests and associates to be a source of encouragement to one another. Our app offers weekly live-streamed recovery-based meetings, as well as the opportunity to communicate with fellow guests in other homes.


Take the first step now! Submit an application online and receive a call back within 24 hours.

Community Resources

Rise Recovery Support Center

497 Belleville Ave, New Bedford, MA 02746



360 Coggeshall St, New Bedford, MA 02746


Recovery Without Walls

West Falmouth, MA


The Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing (MASH)

5 Edgell Rd, Ste. 30, Framingham, MA 01701


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There is a solution, Inc.


360 Coggeshall St
New Bedford
MA, 02746.

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